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CCTV in Kent and London

CCTV – “Crime Stopper” Technology at your Home or Workplace

Investing in CCTV is a cost effective method to deter intruders - if installed and used correctly. There are now around 6 million CCTV security cameras estimated to be in operation at both private and public premises in the UK. Someone is likely to be captured on a CCTV camera an average of 30 times a day. Did you know…  Private security cameras currently outnumber public sector cameras by 70 to 1 - British Security Industry Association (BSIA.)

Opportunists most likely to be put off breaking into homes installed with CCTV cameras

There is little doubt that the development of increasingly advanced CCTV “Crime Stopper” technology continues to be an important deterrent as well as helping to identify intruders. Installing CCTV and making it more difficult for criminals to enter or leave an area without being seen - for example, by sectioning off alleyways behind terraced housing - has been shown to reduce crime, according to a recent Government Home Office Report.

IP Camera surveillance via a computer network

Latest IP camera technology, in which surveillance can be directly accessed by sending and receiving data via a computer network is increasingly being adopted. There are now a wide range of IP camera brands and models, which can provide a solution for almost any surveillance requirement, indoors or outdoors. Most intrusions are caused by opportunists who would avoid a break-in if they thought it would attract attention. Convicted burglars themselves admit they are most likely to be put off breaking into homes installed with CCTV cameras, yet surveys show that many people admit they have no security measures in place to protect their property.

Just 1 in 10 possess CCTV, wireless or an IP camera, according to a ‘Which’ survey of more than 4,350 homes in September 2017.
What if it's hidden away and fails to act as a deterrent? What if the cameras are incorrectly positioned for poor identification of vandals and thieves?

Screenshot of four video survailance cameras

It isn't just CCTV. Falcon are security experts, so we not only install your new video surveillance system to make sure it's working perfectly, but we can analyse your property and security concerns to make sure that the system is installed correctly for maximum protection and deterrence.

Take advantage of the latest technology

Days of fuzzy and grainy video surveillance are over! Falcon can install video surveillance systems with high definition cameras and display screens for exceptionally detailed video feeds which help you identify faces and activities with ease. Other advancements in technology include crisp night-vision, motion detection, vast storage space for hours of video and web connection which allows you to view live video feeds through computers and even smartphones!

Installed By Us, this is using 900TVL Domes (Analog)


It isn't just video surveillance.

Home CCTV Systems

This example system includes 3/4 day and night IR security cameras (700TVL), a 250gb digital video recorder, remote control, motion detection recording, 15" LCD monitor and a huge 24 month parts and labour guarantee.
  • newcctv2High resolution video surveillance system designed for residential and small business
  • 4 security cameras 1/3 Sony CCD 700 TVL , Day/Night , External/Internal, 0 Lux
  • 4 Channel DVR, DVD/RW, 500GB, Real-time CIF, H.264 compression, Motion detection
  • USB device backup, DVD/RW, Networking Remote Monitoring .
  • Network/Internet - View Live via Smartphone and iPhones

Business Commercial CCTV

This example system is ideal for larger commercial properties, with 8 or more day and night IR security cameras (600TVL), a 1 terabyte digital video recorder, remote control, motion detection recording, 19" LCD monitor and 24 month parts and labour guarantee.
  • cctvnew8 x High resolution 600 TVL Vandal proof security cameras, 1/3 Sony CCD, Day/Night
  • 8 Channel DVR, DVD/RW, 1 TB, Real-time CIF, H.264 compression, Motion detection
  • 19 LCD Monitor 1280 x 1024 resolution, 1 x 12v 8 AMP Power Supply Unit
  • Easy backup USB devices, DVD/RW, D1 recording
  • Built in webs server, Network/Internet View Live via Smartphone and iPhones

The security camera system comes with a digital video recorder incorporating time and date stamp, motion detection, hard drive, USB drive and/or DVD writer for image storage and backup.

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All installed with a 14 day money-back guarantee

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