Door Entry Systems

We can supply and fit door entry systems at very low prices, making them affordable to almost anyone who wants extra safety.

Digital door entry systems in London and Kent - Maximum security at an affordable

With Falcon, electronic door entry systems are now easily affordable for residential and commercial properties. You can get the heightened security of an advanced access system and eliminate the dangers of traditional keys which can be stolen or duplicated.

What door access system is right for me?

Door entry systems can vary, but Falcon can access your situation to install the perfect system for your needs.

Many of our systems include digital keypad terminals, fob scanners, keycard scanners, biometric identification and more. Falcon installs all of the hardware required to make sure that the system is fully functional, and then gives you all of the tips and advice you need to use the system with ease.

More control than ever before

door-entryFalcon can connect your door entry system to software on a computer or PC which gives you powerful levels of control. If you need to give someone access, you can instantly create a new card or fob for them to use. If you want to remove access from someone, simply login and delete the card entry within seconds. The card or fob will then fail to open the door when attempted! You can even assign access only to specific rooms in your building.

Falcon door entry systems also dramatically improve monitoring by tracking exactly who has entered or exited and when to help log all registered users who pass through your property.

More benefits of a Falcon door entry system:

  • You can control who, where and when someone enters your premises.
  • Helps to protect employees, visitors, property and sensitive information.
  • You can secure certain sections of a building.
  • Reduce time sheet procedures.
  • Integrate with HR systems for easy monitoring and data management.
  • Integrate with other security systems for centralised management of the site.

All installed with a 14 day money-back guarantee

Falcon security experts will find just the right system to suit your needs and budget before installing it to ensure reliable and easy operation for years to come. We even offer a 14 day money-back guarantee to ensure that you're 100% delighted with our service and your brand new door entry system in Kent or London. Click here or call free phone 0800 689 9319 for a free, no-obligation discussion about door entry systems.