Electrical Fault Finding Kent

All electrical installations deteriorate over time due to many factors such as:
  • Wear and tear
  • Accidental damage
  • Corrosion
  • Overloading circuits
  • Environmental influences such as burst pipes
The effects of all of these can cause degradation to your electrical power and lighting circuits. Are you experiencing :
  • Flickering lighting?
  • Loss of power supply?
  • Overheating cables?
  • Tripping circuit breakers or a blowing fuse?
Electrical Fault Finding Kent
All of these symptoms can indicate that you have an electrical fault.

On arrival our electrician will consult with the tenant to ascertain the nature of the fault and will follow this by making a visual inspection looking for signs of wear and tear, mechanical damage to cables or accessories or signs of overheating or corrosion.

If this does not reveal the cause of the problem further tests will be carried out.

Once the problem has been isolated the faulty component will either be replaced immediately by the electrician, or as soon as an alternative can be sourced, and finally the corrected circuit will be tested and an electrical certificate will be issued.

All our electricians carry commonly installed spare parts and accessories and unlike many of our competitors we also hold stock of some less common components on our secured premises.

This allows us to provide our customers with a speedy and unrivalled service allowing their homes and businesses to return to normality with as little fuss as possible.

We provide our customers with a speedy resolution to your problems and unrivalled quality of service allowing for the interruptions from your electrical troubles to be reduced to minimum. Our excellent reputation has been built on efficiency and effectiveness.

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