Electricians in Kent

An electrical emergency is nothing to be ignored. As soon as you spot a fault, you want it fixed and waiting for someone to make the long journey out just isn’t convenient or safe. But you also want to ensure that you’re getting quality, professional service, not just whoever’s closest. Falcon SE are the electricians in Kent that your home or business needs, keeping your property safe and protected with your happiness in mind.

Keeping the home safe

electricians in kent1 in 3 accidental fires in the home are caused by the misuse of electrical equipment and appliances, with faulty electrics making up the second most likely cause. You have to take the electrics in your home seriously, so you need electricians who do the same.

Besides our other services, Falcon SE are some of the most reliable electricians in Kent when it comes to providing prompt responses to those real emergencies, 24/7. We help with all kinds of maintenance, repairs, and fault finding, from the kitchen to lighting and alarm systems.

What’s more, any installation we fit comes with a seven-year guarantee, so it’s ensured you’re never spending on an electrical fault that’s not your fault.

Keeping the business safe

A business has even more responsibility to look after its electrics than the average homeowner. Not only to ensure that its profits aren’t risked but to ensure that it’s compliant with the law, as well.

PAT testing, for instance, is legally mandatory for any business, including the self-employed, using electrical equipment or appliances. We provide the most thorough PAT testing in Kent, helping you sign off on the health and safety of the premises, as well as helping you carry out a full range of tests and inspections to highlight any potential risks that we can address on the spot.

Keeping the property secured

More people are turning to the sophisticated protection that electronic alarms systems can provide in the home.

Falcon SE aren’t just some of the best electricians in Kent, we specialise in security systems. Installing them, servicing them, troubleshooting, and repairing them. If you want to keep your premises safe, we can offer all kinds of assistance and advice to help you get there.

Electricians in Kent – keeping our customers happy

Falcon SE’s number one concern is keeping our customer safe by ensuring the highest quality of electrical services possible. But we also want to make sure our customers are happy.

That’s why we are fully registered as a local business and with the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors, why we are vetted and screened, and why we are members of the “Trust a Trader” and “Which? Trusted Traders” schemes.

Beyond aiming to provide the most trustworthy services possible, we offer the most convenient and cost-effective, too. We can answer any electrical or security emergency and we offer some of the lowest prices in Kent, with transparent quotes that you can get in advance for no cost.

Our team is fully qualified, registered, and guaranteed to ensure that we provide the best electrical services we can. There’s no obligation with our quotes, so get in touch with Falcon SE and let us know what you need.