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Falcon Electrical & Security Ltd are qualified security technicians and electricians Kent.

Electricians Kent - Call Us NowOur high grade range of electrical and security services are your vital front-line defence against all types of security threats and intrusions. Choosing an inadequate system or the wrong alarm installers could compromise your security and even affect your insurance policy.

For peace of mind, it’s important that:
  • Your alarm system will be capable of completely protecting your particular type of property
  • You can trust every part of the system will be installed and function correctly.
Falcon Electrical & Security Ltd understand how intruders operate and how fires spread within a property. We will choose and correctly install the right system for you:

Domestic Alarms
  • A perfect combination of affordable and high  level security to protect you and your family
  • Advanced control panels
  • Highly accurate sensors
  • Powerful sirens
Industrial Alarms
  • The strongest deterrent to protect your business
  • Bespoke systems
  • Fit any sized premises
  • Powerful zone protection
Fire Alarms
  • Earliest advance detection and notification systems
  • Advanced sensors
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
Electrical services
  • Falcon security experts are also qualified electricians
  • We can offer a range of services to handle any type of electrical system

How quickly and easily would an intruder disable your alarm?

A low specification system can often have missing features, which present very little difficulty for a burglar to overcome. Falcon look beyond the features to understand if a security system will provide a powerful deterrent and maximum protection to your specific home or business premises.

Risk Assessment Survey

Under EU EN 50131 European Standards for Intruder Alarm Systems, a Falcon technician will carry out a full, approved survey at your premises.  Every property is different. It’s therefore critical to directly evaluate the security risk and to determine the grade and extent of the system needed, including its signalling and tamper security requirements. The assessment is applicable to both hard-wired and wireless installations.

Security Grading

Each installation requires that the grade of system has to be selected according to a number of important factors, which reflect "the risk",  from Grade 1 - Low Risk: the “opportunistic break- in” to Grade 4 - High Risk: a burglary planned in advance with knowledge and equipment to alter parts of the intruder alarm system, and prevent detection.

Electrical Faults, Thieves, Burglars, Fires will always threaten your home or business premises

Keeping  ahead of the ever-present security risks is essential. The Falcon team is made up of experienced and qualified security technicians with their fingers firmly on the pulse of the latest advances in security system technologies. Crucially, we understand how it can be used for your best protection at a price you can afford.

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