Fire Alarm Repair Kent

A fire alarm is a very basic device that should be installed on residential and commercial properties. It’s one of the best ways to avert a major disaster in the event a fire breaks out on your property. Most good quality fire alarms of good brands are built to function well for a minimum of 10 years, if not more, and every manufacturer also provides warranties for their products.

Signs That You Need Fire Alarm Repair Kent

fire alarm repair KentHowever, if something goes wrong with your fire alarm and it stops functioning the way it should or entirely stops working, it becomes important to get the device repaired without delay. The different reasons why fire alarm systems may malfunction are:

  • Batteries have died out
  • Dust has accumulated in the device
  • Water has seeped into the device
  • The wiring connection is loose
  • Alarm goes off even in the absence of fire or smoke
  • There is a grounding fault
  • Damage to the device

If you find that the light indicator on the fire alarm isn’t lit up, check whether the batteries are working. Try replacing them with new ones and see if the device works. If it doesn’t, call us. Most current day alarms are hardwired into the building’s electrical system which makes them more reliable than ones that operate on batteries.

If you notice any problems in the fire alarm systems on your property, call us at Falcon Electrical & Security Ltd immediately. It’s never a good idea to defer getting your fire alarm fixed. Keep in mind that this device is installed for the safety of your property and when it is dysfunctional, that increases the chances of damage to your property in case a fire erupts and it goes undetected.

Fire Alarm Repair Kent or Replacement?

If the fire alarm system on your property is over a decade old, its best to get it replaced without delay. We will visit your property and inspect the device as well as the rest of the systems to identify where the problem lies. If the problem can be fixed and the device can be repaired, we will provide you with a reasonable quote and carry out the necessary Fire Alarm Repair Kent. If we find that it isn’t feasible to do it, we will suggest that you get the device replaced.

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For prompt and reliable Fire Alarm Repair Kent, the only number you would ever need is ours. For information about our services, call Falcon Electrical & Security Ltd at this number 0800 689 9319 (24h). Alternatively, you can write to us via this online form.