Fire alarms

Fire alarm systems installed in Kent and London which offer swift and accurate fire detection to protect you and your property.

Fire Alarms in Kent & London - protect more possessions & help save lives

fire-alarm installation kent margateAt Falcon Electrical & Security Ltd., we make sure that you have an alarm which detects and responds to fires as fast as possible. This minimizes the spread and damage of the fire to protect more of your possessions. It may even save the lives of you and the people you care about.

24/7/365 monitoring

Imagine if you had someone watching your home for fires every second of every day. That's what you can have with Falcon. Your alarm system can sound a siren and send alerts to you, other key holders and even your local fire service to call them to your property. This is all done automatically for the fastest possible response to a fire.

TripActivator technology - stop the fire before it even starts

TripActivator is a simple component installed in your home's electrical box which cuts off the power when the system detects smoke. This can automatically turn off any faulty appliance before a full fire develops.

Precision detectors with Checkpoint technology

Falcon uses state-of-the-art sensors for highly accurate detection of a fire. However, the special checkpoint alarm confirmation feature can also be used to drastically reduce incidences of false alarms whilst maintaining the same level of fire protection.

Advantages of the advanced Multipoint detector system

firepanel - alarmsMultipoint systems mean that the whole fire alarm system can be installed with only one pair of wires for maximum fire protection with a quick and affordable installation. The system has 7 different modes of detection including different smoke modes, temperature heat modes, rate of rise modes and smoke/heat detection combination modes. All of this can be configured by your Falcon Electrical & Security expert to provide maximum fire protection for your property.

Falcon fire alarm systems include easy-to-use control panels, precision smoke/heat detectors, emergency fire alarm buttons, fire siren systems and more. And with up to 32 devices per zone, our systems are suitable for both domestic and commercial properties of all sizes.

Installed by Falcon with a money-back guarantee

wireless-optical-smoke-detectorFalcon are fire and security experts who understand how these systems can be used to provide the maximum level of fire protection. We will look inside your property, choose the right system for you, install it correctly for maximum effectiveness and make sure it will work to help protect your home from fire damage.

That's why we include a full 2 year warranty and 14 day money back guarantee. Fire Alarm Installation Kent - Margate - We can also provide advice both before and after the installation to make sure that you have full peace of mind before we leave.