Industrial Alarms

Industrial alarms supplied and fitted which suit your needs and budget.

Industrial alarms in Kent and London - let Falcon look after your livelihood

electrical-siren-250x250Falcon Electrical & Security can assess your property and then install an industrial alarm which gives you maximum security and maximum deterrence at the most cost effective price.

After all, we aren't here to just to give you an industrial alarm, but also to make sure that your alarm reduces the risk of break-ins and theft as much as possible.

Why get an industrial alarm?

When your business is your livelihood, an industrial alarm is more important than ever. This is especially when thieves may be more likely to target business premises due to higher value items they are able to steal.

For this reason, many companies can experience more than one break-in if thieves realise that they are a soft touch. By getting Falcon to install a state-of-the-art industrial alarm, you can be sure that your premises isn't an easy target, so thieves are more likely to go elsewhere.

More about Falcon Electrical & Security

You will get an industrial alarm system with the latest technology which maximises security and deterrence. Tamper-proof control boxes, precision sensors, zonal protection and extra-loud sirens guard your property and show thieves that your business premises is the wrong one to target.

  1. Multiple keypads
  2. Multiple outputs
  3. Precision sensors
  4. High power sirens
  5. Tamper-proof technology
  6. SMS messaging - receive a text message when your alarm is triggered
  7. 2-way communication - remotely hear inside your property & speak directly to thieves
  8. Plus much more - the latest advancements in industrial alarms for your piece of mind
Falcon industrial alarm systems can be installed in properties of any size - from offices to factories.

All installed by Falcon Electrical & Security with a 14 day money-back guarantee

With our security experience, we can not only install the most cost-effective alarm for you, but also make sure that every area of your property is covered to leave no weaknesses.

That's why we include a full 2 year warranty and 14 day money back guarantee.

We can also provide advice both before and after the installation to make sure that you can use your new alarm with ease before we leave.

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