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Perimeter Security in Kent and London FenceSecure - PIDS - Fence Mounted Perimeter Intruder Detection System

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The FenceSecure fence-mounted perimeter intrusion detection system can be applied to all types of security fencing systems and toppings to provide early warning of any intrusion attempt.

FenceSecure systems have a proven track record for the protection of all types of risk from normal commercial risks from: industrial estates; factories; garages; warehouses; storage compounds; logistics depots; car storage compounds to Military and Government premises, Prisons etc. to the protection of Critical National Infrastructure sites

FenceSecure systems provide zone alarm outputs for integration with CCTV and other remote monitoring technologies. FenceSecure systems can be installed on security fences to monitor penetration or climbing of the security fence together with PulseSecure to provide an electrified topping system that ensures the highest level of intruder detection and deterrent.

The remote monitoring and features provided using these third party security monitoring and control systems include
  • Monitoring of each zone alarm status
  • Arming of each zone
  • Vibewire, Tamper monitoring of Vibewire sensor cable
  • Vibewire, is available in various lengths from 25 metre to 300 metres
  • Analyse and accessory housing tampers
  • Full function remote testing of each detection zone
  • Monitoring of power supplies and cable management
  • Remote listen in facility to each detection zone


Perimeter Intruder Detection System installed by Falcon Electrical & Security

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