Wireless Alarms

The latest wireless alarms installed in Kent and London at low prices.

Wireless Alarms in Kent and London - protect you property with the latest technology

Wireless alarms are the evolution to traditional alarm systems. Whilst they offer the same amount of protection, security and deterrence, the lack of wires provides a series of valuable benefits:
  1. Easier and faster to install - saving you money
  2. No need to drill holes or disrupt walls and woodwork
  3. Sensors can be placed anywhere and aren't limited by wiring issues
  4. Sensors can be removed and re-installed anywhere they're needed
  5. Can be installed if landlords don't allow installations
  6. Easily add more sensors without the need for more wiring

How do wireless alarm systems work?

The main control panel and all of the components communicate through a secure wireless radio signal. Other than that, they operate much in the same way a normal wired system does. You have a control panel, door sensors, movement sensors, siren boxes and any other additional security components required.

What you get with a Falcon wireless alarm system

Falcon will take a look at your property to suggest the best wireless system which gives you that perfect combination of protection and deterrence at the most affordable price. We only supply state-of-the-art wireless systems which utilise the latest technology. This not only provides a strong alert when a burglar breaks in, but also acts as a strong deterrent to prevent thieves from targeting your property in the first place.

Features of the Honeywell Galaxy GXY2-C044-01-PROX system Falcon can install for you:

  1. 12 to 44 zones
  2. 4+8 outputs expandable to 28 outputs
  3. Support for 4 remote keypads
  4. 384 event log
  5. 24 users
  6. Wireless peripherals support
  7. Supports Galant peripherals and Galaxy peripherals
  8. PC applications for remote servicing
  9. High-power sirens
  10. SMS messaging - receive a text message when your alarm is triggered
  11. 2-way communication - remotely hear inside your property & speak directly to thieves
  12. Plus much more - the latest advancements in industrial alarms for your piece of mind

Wireless Alarm Components

Internal and external contacts work independently, and the auxiliary input loop has tamper protection loop.

Wireless Optical Smoke Detector

With a powerful 100m detection range.

Wireless Passive

Features of the IR800M include compliance to TS EN50131-2-2 Grade 2, Class II - providing exceptional detection capabilities.

Wireless Bell Box

EN50131-1 Security Grade 2, Environmental Class II

All installed by Falcon Electrical & Security with a 14 day money-back guarantee

With our security experience, we can not only install the most cost-effective alarm for you, but also make sure that every area of your property is covered to leave no weaknesses. That's why we include a full 2 year warranty and 14 day money back guarantee. We can also provide advice both before and after the installation to make sure that you feel totally protected before we leave.

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